Hello! My name is Natalia, and I’m a designer, photographer and a little bit an artist. My experience as a designer is nearly 5 years so far. I’ve been qualifying in many different areas: stained glass and porcelain design, out-of-home advertismens, and web design as well. I adore everything beatiful and unusual. I like colours, and that is why my works are often bright and colourful.
Currently my professional focus of interest includes: web and GUI design, logotypes and corporate identity development, print design, photography and retouch. Art and handmade are mostly my leisure time activities.
I’m participating now in several projects constantly, but ready to take some freelance jobs.


  • Web design - we can make it two ways:
    1. you are getting from me graphics maquette, well prepared for further site development
    2. you are getting entire site from me (developed by professional coders)
  • Сorporate identity
  • Print Design
  • Photography


email: info@klibia.com.
Preffered communication languages are English, Russian and German.

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